Autel EVO 2: The Ultimate Overview

The Autel EVO 2, an established contender on the market, continues to showcase its remarkable capabilities that combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance. In this article, I will explore the key features, camera capabilities, flight performance, intelligent flight modes, remote controller, battery and charging options, storage and portability, safety features, and provide valuable comparisons. Whether you are an aerial photographer, videographer, or adventure seeker, the Autel EVO 2 has something to offer. Let’s dive into the details!

Overview of Autel EVO 2

The Autel EVO 2 is a top-of-the-line drone that boasts an impressive array of features. It is equipped with a powerful camera, advanced flight capabilities, and intelligent flight modes that make it suitable for both professionals and beginners. This drone is designed to deliver outstanding aerial photography and videography experiences while offering stability and reliability in flight.

Key Features of Autel EVO 2

The Autel EVO 2 comes with a range of key features that set it apart from other drones in the market. With its 8K camera, it offers unparalleled clarity and detail in aerial imaging. The 1-inch sensor captures stunning photos with vibrant colors and sharpness. Additionally, the drone has a maximum flight time of up to 40 minutes, allowing you to cover more ground and capture breathtaking footage.

Camera Capabilities

When it comes to camera capabilities, the Autel EVO 2 excels. The 8K camera enables you to record videos with incredible resolution, providing a level of detail that surpasses many other drones on the market. You can also take high-resolution 48-megapixel photos, allowing for stunning prints and enlargements. The drone’s three-axis gimbal ensures stable footage, even in windy conditions, while the adjustable aperture allows for precise control over exposure.

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Flight Performance

The flight performance of the Autel EVO 2 is exceptional. It features a dual-core processor and AI-enhanced obstacle avoidance, enabling it to navigate complex environments with ease. With a maximum speed of 45 mph, the drone can quickly cover large areas. The stability and maneuverability of the EVO 2 make it a reliable choice for capturing smooth and cinematic shots.

Intelligent Flight Modes 

Autel EVO 2 offers a range of intelligent flight modes that enhance the overall flying experience. The Orbit mode allows the drone to automatically circle a subject, capturing captivating footage from different angles. The Waypoint mode enables you to plan a flight path in advance, ensuring precise and repeatable shots. Additionally, the ActiveTrack mode allows the drone to follow moving subjects accurately, making it perfect for action shots and sports events.

Remote Controller

The Autel EVO 2 comes with a dedicated remote controller that provides intuitive and responsive control. The ergonomic design guarantees a comfortable grip, even during long-lasting flying sessions. The built-in OLED screen displays important flight information, including battery life and signal strength. The controller also features customizable buttons, allowing you to access frequently used functions with ease.

Battery and Charging

With its high-capacity battery, the Autel EVO 2 offers an impressive flight time of up to 40 minutes. This extended battery life allows you to capture more footage without the need for frequent recharging. The drone supports fast charging, reducing downtime and enabling you to get back in the air quickly. Additionally, the battery is easily replaceable, allowing you to carry spare batteries for extended adventures.

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Storage and Portability

The Autel EVO 2 is designed with portability in mind. It features foldable arms and a compact design, making it easy to transport. The drone comes with a specially designed carrying case that provides ample protection during travel. The foldable propellers and detachable gimbal ensure that the drone takes up minimal space in your backpack or luggage.

Safety Features 

Autel prioritizes safety with the EVO 2 by incorporating advanced features. The drone is equipped with a comprehensive obstacle avoidance system, which utilizes sensors to detect and avoid obstacles in its flight path. The Return-to-Home function ensures that the drone can safely return to its takeoff point in case of signal loss or low battery. These safety features provide peace of mind and protect both the drone and the surrounding environment.

Different Autel Evo 2 types on the market

  1. Autel Evo 2 Pro v3: The Evo 2 Pro v3 is equipped with a high-quality 6K camera and advanced obstacle avoidance technology. It offers a flight time of up to 40 minutes and a range of up to 9 miles/15 km. This model does not include thermal camera capability or the FLIR Boson sensor. It is designed for professional use, providing a range of intelligent flight modes and delivering exceptional image and video quality.
  2. Autel Evo 2 Pro v2: The Evo 2 Pro v2 is the predecessor to the v3 model. It shares similar specifications, including a 6K camera, advanced obstacle avoidance, and a flight time of up to 40 minutes. However, it lacks some of the newer features found in the v3 version. It is a reliable option for professionals seeking high-quality aerial imagery.
  3. Autel Evo 2 Dual 640T (V2) Rugged Bundle: The Evo 2 Dual 640T (V2) Rugged Bundle is specifically designed for rugged environments. It features a dual camera system with a 640T thermal camera and a 6K visual camera. This bundle also includes ruggedized accessories and enhanced durability for challenging conditions. It is suitable for industrial applications and professionals operating in demanding settings such as wildlife management, legal hunting, monitoring, and observation of wildlife.
  4. Autel Evo 2 Dual 640T Enterprise V2: The Evo 2 Dual 640T Enterprise V2 is another variant of the dual camera system. It offers both thermal and visual cameras, allowing users to capture thermal imagery and high-quality visuals simultaneously. With advanced obstacle avoidance, intelligent flight modes, and an enterprise-focused feature set, it is designed for commercial and industrial applications where thermal imaging is critical such as surveying, mapping, inspection, traffic supervision, and search and rescue.
  5. Autel Evo 2 Pro RTK V2: The Evo 2 Pro RTK V2 stands out with its RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) functionality. It incorporates precise positioning technology for improved accuracy, making it suitable for applications requiring highly accurate geolocation data in fields such as photogrammetry, powerline inspection, and firefighting. It shares many features with the Evo 2 Pro v3, including the 6K camera, advanced obstacle avoidance, and a range of intelligent flight modes.
  6. Autel Evo 2 Pro Enterprise V2: The Evo 2 Pro Enterprise V2 is tailored for enterprise-level applications. It combines the 6K camera with professional features and a comprehensive set of accessories. It is designed to meet the needs of professionals in industries such as surveying, mapping, and inspection. With its compact size and advanced capabilities, it offers flexibility and efficiency for commercial applications.


When comparing the Autel EVO 2 to other drones in its class, it becomes evident that this drone offers exceptional value for its features and performance. In terms of camera capabilities, the EVO 2’s 8K resolution and 1-inch sensor outshine many competitors. Its flight time of up to 40 minutes surpasses drones with shorter battery life. The intelligent flight modes and obstacle avoidance system further enhance its appeal.

Pros and Cons  


  • Outstanding 8K camera resolution
  • Extended flight time, lasting up to 40 minutes
  • Advanced obstacle avoidance system
  • Foldable design for easy portability
  • Intuitive remote controller with an OLED screen


  • Higher price compared to some other drones
  • The availability of spare parts may be limited in certain regions.

Tips for getting the most out of your Autel EVO 2

For drone enthusiasts considering the Autel EVO 2, here are some valuable tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with local regulations and fly responsibly.
  2. Before attempting complex maneuvers, it’s advisable to practice flying in open spaces.
  3. Always check weather conditions before flying to ensure safe operation.
  4. Invest in extra batteries and storage to maximize your flying experience.
  5. Join online communities and forums to connect with other EVO 2 enthusiasts and learn from their experiences.


In conclusion, the Autel EVO 2 is an exceptional drone that offers unparalleled camera capabilities, flight performance, and intelligent features. Whether you are a professional aerial photographer or an adventure enthusiast, the EVO 2 delivers outstanding results. With its cutting-edge technology, long flight time, and intuitive controls, this drone sets a new standard in the industry.

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